Geek media day

So, here’s a few links about geeky stuff. It’s not the normal stuff I must say, and the second one is especially humourous.

First off, I have to ask you if you remember School House Rock. You know, those incredibly cheesy cartoons they used to play on Saturday mornings in between G-Force and Rocket Robin Hood? It featured bad animation and terrible songs, but the one I remember best was about a how a bill becomes a law. Anyway, if you don’t remember by now you never saw it. So, with that firmly in mind I give you this: Hitachi’s new hard drive technology.

Oh man, this is bang on, and I’m fascinated by it, somehow.

And then, we have none other than John Cleese shlepping himself in classic manner for a hard-disk based backup company. The main video is pretty funny, honestly. It’s not much of an ad, but it must have cost quite a bit to produce.

So, there you have it, Geek Media day.

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