Nikki Goes Off Her Medication

As anyone that knows Nikki well knows, she likes to laugh.  She is a good laugher.  It’s one of her most attractive qualities, really.

She does however have a slight tendency to get rather stuck sometimes.  Like in a loop.  An endless one.  There’s nothing you can do until she passes out, really.  If you haven’t been there when she has one of her turns, I took the liberty of filming a recent episode. 


We do have a doctor’s appointment later this week to see what he can do about her medications, time will tell how it all goes.


  1. Love this, and agree with the other comments for sure!! I do have a question about the tagging of it……”ear hair”????? Last I saw, no one in the family, with the exception of the four legged ones, had/has an over abundance of it…..I do worry about you at times my son…..

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