Seeing Eye Dog for another dog

Until I saw this story about a blind Great Dane with her seeing eye dog buddy, I had never heard of this phenomenon before.

I love this idea, actually.  It could make things a LOT easier as Harvey’s eyesight gets worse.  I can totally see us tying Harvey to Lloyd to act as his Slobbering Eye Dog.  Sure, Harvey might end up going places he would rather not go, at speeds that his legs don’t actually travel at, with very little regard for Harvey’s actual physical well-being, but at least we can be sure that he didn’t wander off alone.  I’m actually starting to envision the ever present danger of signs, lamp posts, trees, small children (who am I kidding, that clothesline would take down most adults).  Harvey would probably be flapping along like a wet plastic grocery bag behind Lloyd, likely in the direction of the closest mud hole.

On second thought, maybe that’s not really such a good idea?

PS, for anyone concerned, Harvey’s eyesight is slipping a bit, but he was still able to chase a bunny out of our yard at 1pm the other night, weaving through the play structure with pretty good tracking, and didn’t knock himself out cold, so I’m thinking that we won’t need Lloyd to step it up for a bit.

Ramble back at me....