Quinn’s Persuasive Letter

Recently Quinn had an assignment at school to write a persuasive letter to his teacher in an attempt to get her to not assign him any homework.  I think he did a fantastic job, and I asked him if he minded if I posted it here.  He said that was fine, so have a read and see if you agree with me.

Dear Mrs. Teacher (not his real teacher’s name…)

Am I a good student (at least the majority of times)?  Why do I need homework?  I want no homework for a month and I will tell you why.

If you keep on giving us homework (not just me) the class will have less opportunities to spend time with their friends and families.  We need breaks sometimes, and my only break is home and you’re filling it with work!  I don’t know a person who works non-stop without breaks and if you do, that’s bad company.  It’s affective on our health and strength too.  If I’m trapped in my home day and night, I’m not getting the vitamins and minerals I need.  We also won’t get enough sleep which will affect out marks and learning goals.  You’re not only hurting us, but yourself too!  Of you keep on giving us this “Christmas present” you’ll have to correct it, which steals time with your daughter who’s only 1!  She’d be so depressed.  You wouldn’t want that, right?

Another reason we shouldn’t have this nightmare is it will affect our health and growth and as a gym teacher, that’s unacceptable on your part.  If we had less homework, we would be big muscular beach bodies.  We would be a ton more healthy and fit!  Also, to enjoy the outdoors we need trees!  If we didn’t have trees where would we  be?  And now your walking around with deadly axes, killing every tree in sight.  If I were Prime Minister, I would put a stop to the endless torture to these young citizens!  What did they do to you?  We would also be less stressed, you would be too.  Why is our class so loud and annoying?  IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!  And like I said before, What’s more important?  Homework or <your daughter>?  I thought so!

We also already work hard.  Why do we need homework?  Think about our portfolios.  They are huge (at least MY portfolio).  That’s all the work we did at school.  Multiply that by five.  That’s how much homework.  Think about WWW.  Think about math sheets.  How you never correct it.  Again, that’s why it’s all your fault!  Also, the second reason, Mme French Teacher is flaming red is because homework keeps me from focusing on French.  If you think different I might change my mind about my favourite subject (mathematics) to Medieval Times.  That’s not good.

That is why the class (or at least me) deserves a break.  Besides, wouldn’t you like to see 28 faces beaming up at you?  Mind the frown.

Needless to say, he got a great mark.  No word yet on if his letter will be successful or not, but I will update you later.

Btw, I asked him about his last sentence and he responded that everyone in the class universally hates homework, with the exception of one single girl who loves it.  Hence, the frown.  What a kid.



  1. I’m crying here. That is the most awesome thing I’ve read in quite a while. Quinn has a very bright future ahead of him!

  2. Well, proud doesn’t even cut it here. Just as an update….

    Quinn had to do more persuasive writing lately on where we should go for a summer vacation. He really wants to go to Jamaica, Cuba, DR, that sort of thing but for some reason (that I can’t remember at this time) he wrote about Nova Scotia.

    I guess he has received enough praise from his teachers and family regarding his persuasive writing that he is concerned that this assignment might just well have ruined his chances to go where he *really* wants to go. I say this because at the open house the other night, he kept repeating emphatically…”I really don’t want to go there. Seriously, I don’t want to go there. …I’d really like to go somewhere else. Not there, kay?” He told this to me and to Court …separately with the same spirit.

    It’s ok Quinn…we won’t force you to go despite your letter … Love you little man.
    Court – Please post his new letter when it comes home. 🙂

    As an aside…he was able to make his teacher adorably blush by muttering just one sentence when she came by to talk. I love their connection, and I admire the person Quinn has become, and the potential he possesses.

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