Golden Age of commercial cliffhangers

Cael and I have been recently re-watching The Dukes of Hazzard, because there’s just never enough Hazzard in your life.  Anyway, we have it on DVD but the setups for the commercials are of course still there, just like they were aired.  I realize that lots of shows do this, set up a dramatic scene just before they cut to commercial, and then in some cases the post commercial review can be quite long before you get to the action again.  But I must say that few shows in memory did it quite as well as the Dukes.  I mean, come on, look at this one….

Look out Bo and Luke, overly dramatic villain guy is right behind you.....
Look out Bo and Luke, overly dramatic villain guy is right behind you…..


This is awesome, and I really think as an art form it’s lost.  You just can’t fake this kind of fakery any more.  It was real back then, and innocent in it’s silliness.  And it wasn’t any less entertaining even though we all knew that there was no way that guy was going cave in Bo’s blond head with that wrench.  But that was TV back then and we LOVED it.  Well, adolescent boys did I guess.

For the record, Cael laughed himself silly at this guy’s expression, and we just had to pause it here to take this pic.  Fortunately Bo and Luke got themselves out of this pickle, just in time for the another pickle to be set up for the next commercial break….

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