Wine pairing for normal people

Last night Nikki and I went to the West End Well to go and see Heather Heagney for a wine and (vegetarian) food pairing night called A Taste of Spring.

I think 20 year old me might have laughed heartily at the thought of having that kind of night, but I will say that I not only enjoyed it, I would go back again.  The food was delicious, the wines were really good and went perfectly with the food, and the folks there were really a lot of fun.  We will definitely be back to check out the store when it’s open for regular business.  It was a great way to learn something about food and wine in the least snobby way possible.  There was no pretentious swishing and spitting here, and nobody asking me if I detected the notes of slightly distressed Peruvian gummi bears in the wine.  Nossir, you got your wine and food, Heather told us all about it and why they went well together, and then you ate and drank until the next course came out.  Tasty tasty all around.

Speaking of Heather, this gal knows her stuff about food and wine.  If you get a chance to hear her talk about this stuff, you will definitely be entertained and learn something while you are at it.  I don’t recall ever trying to imagine music while drinking something before, but I did last night.  She’s fun and funny and smart.

Anyway, a great night for sure and I would highly recommend it to folks looking for a little variety  in their palate.

Check out Heather’s blog here:  After the Harvest  (Buy her book too.)

Follow her here:  @aftertheharvest

West End Well

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  1. Thank you so much! What a wonderful review! It was so much fun for me to see everyone eating, drinking, and connecting, enjoying delicious local, spring-inspired dishes prepared by the chefs at one of my favourite places in Ottawa, The West End Well. Thank you for coming and I am so glad you enjoyed it!

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