Special Syndrome, aka Incredible Weather, aka It’s Just Winter

Today’s forecast from Environment Canada includes a special weather statement, which starts as follows:

An Alberta clipper will spread snow from west to east across southern Ontario this morning.

I understand the need for everyone to feel special, everyone likes to be special to someone.  I’m starting to believe however that meteorologists might need some “special” attention in the emotional care department, perhaps a hug.  They seem especially attention starved these days, since every little bit of winter has a nifty news worthy name attached to it, and “Special Weather Statements” happen so often they really don’t feel that special any more.

Clipper of unknown origin
Clipper of unknown origin

While it sure sounds snazzy, I and (I feel certain that) most of the general public doesn’t know what that is.  I does seem to be a real thing, which you can find for yourself.  But I suggest that declaring that winter just being winter as “special” doesn’t really make me care any more.

Well, at least until Tuesday when that Saskatchewan Sideburn rolls in, then woe betide the entire Eastern provinces, indeed civilization, nay, mankind as we know it.


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