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Lloyd Lloathes Vents

I was looking through some old posts and I realized how much Lloyd used to love lying on the furnace vents when the air conditioner was running.  If you click on that link you can see a very young Lloyd piled on top of the vent, snoring away.

How times have changed…

Shifty vent

One day, several years ago Lloyd was sleeping on the furnace vent as usual.  I guess the tags on his collar slipped into the vent and got tangled with the grill.  Thankfully I was home at the time and heard the smashing and clatter and general mayhem.  I came downstairs to see Lloyd running all over the house with the vent cover stuck to his neck.  I removed it for him, which he was very grateful for (see what I did there?).

However since that day, Lloyd no longer trusts furnace vents.  At all.  If at all possible he will never turn his back on one because now they are known to attack without warning.  He will avoid walking near them, and would never ever lay on one again.

You could say he’s no longer a fan.