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The Grounds Cafe

Nikki and I took some time this morning to go and visit a local coffee shop (not a Starbucks!) and man, what a treat it was.  The Grounds Cafe is just around the corner from us, and man is it an awesome coffee shop.  They serve local coffee, have fantastic bagels and cream cheese, free wifi, lots of room for chatting, what’s not to love?

Check em out.

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The Running Dead?

I’m just going to leave this here.

Severed Feet Keep Washing up on Pacific NorthWest Shores

I have noticed this story before, and yep it’s still weird.  I used up all my puns on those two blog posts (I even made a hokey-pokey one), I really have nothing LEFT (ok I still amuse myself with these things at least).  A really strange coincidence is that almost all of the feet were wearing running shoes.  Exercise kills, people.

16 feet since 2007.  I’m gonna keep my feet in Ontario, I think. it’s slightly less weird.

My First Zumba Class, ever. 12 Things I learned….

Krumping. It’s a thing, and I did it.

Go pee before you zumba….’nuff said.

It’s like line-dancing on crack, with more variety, way cooler, Latin and sexy

If you consume more than 250mls of water during your workout, it may not play nice with your stomach. (Limits not tested to evacuation but let’s just trust that guideline, mmkay? Good. Moving on.)

I’ve never been more intimately acquainted with all the non-toned parts of me. Ever.

You can barely hear the pulsing, awesome and fun music over your ass and lungs screaming.

Your gym clothes slide off you after as though you were an oil slick.

The thought of a hot/warm shower afterward is as appealing as hot-tubbing with a bobcat.

By the time I convinced myself my own stench was worse than the thought of showering I had burned 650 calories. (This is more than any Greco or P90X workout I have ever done.)

I am a Latin goddess and didn’t know it.

Once I nail these moves, my sexiness will be so great it will arrive 10 minutes ahead of me wherever I go.

I have never worked out with a bigger smile on my face in a room with complete strangers.

Here is what I think I look like doing Zumba:
1 - J Lo in Manila 4

Here is what I actually look like doing Zumba:
1 - napolian DB954C1D-8DDB-DD98-FBAF-8C917EBCBCD9
…but that’s ok, I’m working up to J-Lo status my fellow babes!