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Pecans in love, a bad name

A one-shot VallenQuiz today.

Cael was singing the other day, mostly to himself.  Nikki and I caught each other’s eye, and asked him to sing that song again.  This is what I got, before I couldn’t see any longer from the tears.

Shock a la hah and you’re too lame
Pecans in love, a bad name
Peanut squaw, and a videogame
Pecans in love, a bad name

The song should be easily recognizable to anyone alive during the 80’s.  I had no idea that song was about nuts, however.

VallenQuiz #2

It’s been a week since the last quiz, which was far far too easy.  So, let’s take things up a notch here.

  1. What dog made a leap to grab a handful of five dollar bills, thinking it was another treat?
  2. What child once said: “Mom, is f$@k a bad word?”
  3. What child was once nicknamed “Gluestick”?
  4. What child once said (adorably): “I loo noo snow mush!” (I love you so much)
  5. And finally, what dog is inexplicably attracted to the pile of leaves I left on the front lawn, peeing and even pooping on them every chance he gets?

There, that should prove to be slightly more challenging.  If somebody gets the right answer I will reveal one of the first pictures of Quinn in his hockey gear on the ice.  Trust me, it’s adorable.

Right, let’s hear it folks.

*** Update:  Sorry for the delay folks.  As promised, here’s Quinn on the ice, looking like he means business… thanks to Mr. Ross for the pic.


It’s VallenQuiz Time!

Let’s play a little game.  We went to dinner last night at Dairy Queen.  Here are some things that were overheard during dinner, the first person to correctly identify all three quotes, or which Vallentyne said what gets a pony, or bragging rights, whichever is cheaper.

  1. In the Dairy Queen bathroom: Oh man, this isn’t going to be good.  Dad, I’m not sure if this is going to be ok.  This isn’t my aim-y hand…
  2. In the restaurant:  We are doing diaries in school now.  Too bad it’s not diarrheas!  (followed by five minutes of solid, red-faced giggling)
  3. Watching a man walk in with a yellow t-shirt and matching yellow and brown plaid pajama pants: Worst. Pants. Ever.

In fact, I will post a picture of a member of our family acting like a total baby when I get the first right answer.  You have to get all three right.  Go!

**Update:  Ok, so Lockrey got it right away, figures.  As promised, here’s a pic of Lloyd being a baby.  That’s a pacifier in his mouth….

Lloyd's sootherLloyd's pacifier