Hey there. So, the skating

Hey there.
So, the skating party seemed to be a big success, at least I had a ball totterring around on the new CCM Punishers. Thanks to everybody for coming out and lacing up, and even those that didn’t really lace up but still played some pretty fierce hockey. We didn’t even have too many injuries, which is a shocker when you think of it, mixing ice and alcohol. What were we thinking? We took some pictures but I haven’t yanked them off the camera yet, so stick around. As for mentionables, let’s see….

Kent comes to mind, for taking what I’m told was a huge header, think Bobby Orr only on his back. Hopefully no long term damage there, buddy. Also congrats to Kyle for taking one “in between the pipes” while in nets. Way to go, taking one for the team. For sportsman-like play, Jim for taking Nikki out of the play handily with what I’m sure was a legal hit. Also, cousin PJ for scoring 37 times, albeit against a couple of second graders. Allison for having the eye of the tiger. Jordy and Courtney for switching teams at will and not telling anybody. Tristan for skating way way better than me. Jenna for being on the ice at all with those crazy big people. Mark and Nancy for bringing the lads out for a play, the ice got a good buffing thanks to them.

There, that must be almost everybody. Except for Quinn, who I am glad decided to wait until Sunday night to cut a monster tooth and keep us up all night. Thanks buddy.

Well, back to work kids.

I have a story to

I have a story to share today.

Last night I was out checking the rink, as any normal rink-obsessed human being would be doing, and I was just heading back inside when I heard a soft fluttering sound coming from the rink behind me. I turned around, expecting to see a plastic bag blowing by, and was shocked to see a duck flat on it’s butt spinning away from me on the ice. I can only assume that from the air in the dark, when you are a duck that flies in the face of convention (ha) and don’t migrate south, the rink might look like a body of water. So the noise I heard was the sound of a duck’s feathered ass making contact with the ice at -30C or so. Harvey was with me and it was likely just as well that he didn’t notice anything until the duck had almost finished sliding unceremoniously to the edge of the rink and decided with a honk of embarassment to get the heck out of there. Then we both watched him fly off looking for some other backyard rink.

Ah, fun.

My wife is obviously delirious.

My wife is obviously delirious. The rink is NOT Olympic sized. It does conform to NHL regulations, see here. Well, ok so it doesn’t quite live up to those standards yet, but it will someday. Oh yes, Nairn Gardens will one day draw crowds of beer swilling nutjobs just to see the elegant ballet played in the great out of doors. Come to think of it, Nairn St. already draws lots of beer swilling nutjobs, but at least this time they will be outside.

Stay tuned for the Nairn Gardens playoff series.


Well check it out folks.

Well check it out folks. My SECOND posting. Things are getting just crazy now. Obviously the boy is asleep and I am procrastinating the paperwork I promised Court I would do!

Quinn cut two more teeth simultaneously on Jan 16th. The top, two front, right side teeth. A day late for your birthday mom, sorry! The poor guy likes to cut them two at a time it seems. Happy Birthday to my Mom too! She just turned 29 again on January 15th! Looking good Mom!

So Courtney modestly left out the other news that surrounds this household. While I was down with the flu, Court decided that he would build a rink in the back yard. I thought this thing was friggin’ huge until Jim, (our neighbour) got home from a business trip and said, “Let’s expand that!” So yesterday’s events included the two men in the back yard making this Olympic sized rink and breaking for a beer or two. This crazy thing is the width of our two back yards combined. Once the two sides are level with one another, it may just be time to host a skating party of some sort. Any excuse for a party is a good excuse for Court and I! Jordy has done what she can to test it out. She has done exceptionally well skating right over top of the little ripples that will soon be smoothed out. We may have a future figure skater on our hands. Who knows?

That’s it now for me. Later!

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