Quinn cut his top, front,

Quinn cut his top, front, left tooth yesterday and we can see the front right one coming in beside it just under the gum. The little guy is awake now so that concludes my little update session. Well that was short and sweet. More later I would imagine. Oh ya, btw, I still don’t imagine I will get a word in edgewise much. Time will tell though.

Ok! This should prove more

Ok! This should prove more interesting. For those of you just noticing that the Vallentyne Family web site looks different, well good for you. It does look different. It has been Bloggerized. This is wayyy cool stuff that makes it easier (in theory) to post to the website and keep you up to date. Follow the button at the bottom to find out more. It’s geeky, and so, of course very cool.

Also, Nikki can post to the site and keep things on the level. I have been very selfish up to now with the web site posting, and have never shown her how to do it. It also makes things more fun when nobody gets a word in edgewise.

I will hopefully get some better navigation back to the photo galleries going soon, but for those of you that can’t wait, the link to the old galleries for friends is here, and the link to the old family gallery is here

There. That should keep you going for a while. Not that there is anything good to read here yet. Happy New Year, by the way. Oh, and as always, complaints/suggestions/inquiries should go here: inquiries@vallentyne.com Maybe I might do something if you suggest it. Maybe.

I need to figure out

I need to figure out how to get links working before this is ready for prime time. I mean links in the template itself. Maybe I can just steal some code somewhere to do that. Must brush up on html sometime. Or actually learn anything about it, to be accurate.

I really should just be working, but this is pretty fun.

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