Heat Ledger

Rob and I wisely planned a deck work day for one of the hottest damn days in recent memory, so if my recollection of the work done is a little hazy, it’s because I was woozy from the heat.  It was something like 35C out on Saturday, not sure what it got up to with the humidity, but needless to say the heat was punishing.

First step, off to spend some money by buying long wooden boards, sonotubes (not a new age musical instrument, as it turns out), cone footings, and the like.  We stopped for a coffee on the way home because it was so early and then both of us immediately stopped drinking them because it was already so frigging hot.

Then, time to wreck the house and actually remove some siding.  This was a pretty big moral victory since the only change to date was to the dirt in the yard and my bank account.   Finally a tangible change to the house was visible.  Um, you can put that back together, right Rob?

Fortunately, Rob knew exactly what to do and with very little drama we had a ledger board installed.  Ok, there was one terrifying moment when we thought we would have to remove the board because it was just ever so slightly in danger of collapsing an entire deckful of future Vallentyne party goers, but then we figured it all out and life was good.  Here’s what it looks like.

So, that’s a terrible, terrible job all done without any incident, and we didn’t even fall in the hole behind us, so that’s a miracle really.  That Heat Ledger* is one sexy damn board.  Hope the rest of the deck looks as good.

*Too soon?



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