Deck Joists

So, aside from the famous ledger, we hadn’t made much of a change to the actual house until the day we finally got to attach joists to the beam.  This made the biggest difference in the visual progress of the project, you can really see the size of this frigging deck, finally.  It was probably the smoothest construction day so far, with the exception of the discovery that the joists we picked were nowhere near the same width, in some cases almost 1/4 inch difference, which caused some swearing and thinking.  But we managed to get it all attached, and the fascia board on too.  It’s looking darn good, if I do say so.

One note about the timing of these blog posts, naturally the progress is WAY slower than I thought given that I have no idea what I am doing, and I must rely on friends, and naturally we all have day jobs, so this work actually happened weeks ago.  Add to that my blogging tardiness and you have a huge time lag there.  🙂

Stay tuned folks.

The Plan
The Hole
The Ledger
The Footings
The Post Post



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