The Post Post

After being dismayed at the pile of dirt created by the digging, putting up the ledger board, then playing with the sonotubes before killing ourselves shoveling dirt and hauling cement, it was high time to see some actual deck-like construction begin.

So, once again after ordering up an incredibly hot day, Rob and I started with one last setup of those damn strings (have I mentioned how much I dislike those? Oh I did) and then we got to use his fancy drill and finally get some work done.  I didn’t get many pictures that day, but the finished product looked like this:

A damn fine set of posts and a beam if I do say so.  The best part of this was Rob’s solemn promise that I never need to set up those damn strings again (I may have hallucinated this part, can’t be sure)

That’s about it for today’s update, with hardly an inappropriate pun to be found.  What else do I have?  Let’s see.  I finally got wood.  Does that work?  Let’s go with that.

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